My name is Jamin Craig, and I’m a graduate of Lipscomb University in Nashville with a degree in Journalism & New Media Communications. I’ve been a theme park enthusiast basically my entire life, and over the years I’ve traveled to over 20 different parks around the country.

Why do I love theme parks so much? Simple. There’s no other place on earth where you can go scream your head off experiencing simulated danger in a safe environment. For example, I refuse to sky dive or bungee jump off a cliff, but I have no problem jumping on a drop tower or a skycoaster, because I know I’m going to live. Another example would be that flying in a military aircraft would be super expensive, but you can jump on a roller coaster and do exactly the same moves as a fighter jet and it’s MUCH cheaper and safer.

This blog is dedicated to the parks I’ve visited and the rides I’ve ridden. I’ll post trip reports, ride reviews, park reviews, and more! All of which will include good quality photos and video shot by yours truly!

For my reviews, I’ll use a 10-point rating system that will be as follows.

1: Never Again.

2: Terrible.

3: Bad.

4: Meh.

5: Average.

6: Decent.

7: Solid.

8: Great!

9: Excellent!

10: Perfect!

Getting a 10 to me means the ride or park is exactly what it should be and could not possibly be any better. It’s VERY rare that I rate anything a 10, but they do exist. 😉